Many Eyes

Close up of human eye

Many Eyes

Many eyes on me
Twinkling with harmless, invisible attraction.
Effervescent eyes
Giving off bubbles of desire.
These eyes, some with almond shape,
With a light shade blend under brow for highlight,
Are sportive in how they look at me.
An ogle from oriental eyes,
Having a light bright shadow colour on the inner half,
They elicit randy retorts
That gives me jolts from the language their bodies speak.
I can’t stop staring at these many eyes
Like a million starry nights
Flickering and sparkling like
Gems of uncommon iridescence,
At my front and at my back, up and down.
All these eyes, these many prominent eyes
That have flat-pasted colour under their brows,
Their surveillance is tinged with ebullience,
It makes me remarkable things do all times.
I can’t keep my eyes closed because
They make my eyes respond, doing
Several interesting things. Hooded eyes
Give me fluttering squints
With bright colour like frost from
Their eyelids extending to the contour region.
These eyes that are many
Meaning many things, round eyes as well,
With light shade and a deeper tone,
Eying me wondrously-
Many sumptuous eyes on me.

© Olawale Famodun

Excerpt from the book “Poems Of Redemption”
• Also Available on by Title

Photo Credit: © Ben Welsh/Corbis

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