Writer Highlight Featuring: Sarah Forrest



Did you see her at church last week
Was her makeup covering a bruise on her cheek
Didn’t she look tired and sick
Her smile hid his latest trick?

Was she afraid of saying the wrong thing
And she hardly had the strength to sing
When you talked to him,
Did you notice his missing wedding ring?

Where were their children
Why did they miss Sunday morning
Did they forget Wednesday night
Is this a warning?

What did she say the last time she was seen
Something other than what she tried to mean
Was that her cry for help
Are there scars she simply can’t clean?

People are talking
What are they saying?
Spying and stalking
Instead of bowing and praying?

What if she’s in danger?
Certainly, she won’t tell a total stranger
She will avoid his wrath
Yes, she’ll suffer or she’ll search another path

Why aren’t we standing by her side?
There is no dignity where there is no pride
She can’t forever run and hide
She needs to see these arms are open wide

Is she hurting
While her husband is chatting and flirting?
Is she aware that her pretense is fading
And each day, each week is that much more degrading?

Those who know
Choose to watch her go
Never to lift a finger
Just to stop and stare or linger

They don’t wish to dirty their hands
Even if no one else ever understands
They see his missing wedding band
They see her sloppy clothes and greasy hair, strand by strand.

They watch the empty parking lot
They hear every car door slam
They don’t pass another glance at my vacant spot
They don’t know who I am.

© Copyright, Sarah Forrest 2015

Featured Writer at “Creative Talents Unleashed
Writers Group”www.facebook.com/groups/ctupublishing

Photo Credit:© Perry Mastrovito/Corbis/Royalty Free Photos

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