Humanity Doesn’t Deserve Her

Side view of young woman on black background

Humanity Doesn’t Deserve Her

She has given from the depths of her soul
The fiber of her being to humanity
During its time of need
From a place of purity in its rarest form
Used and abused
Heart ripped and torn
Hurt and forlorn
Burned and spurned

Long stem rose thorns now poison
Bittersweet pain moistens her tongue
No longer the chosen one
Broken and misunderstood
Denial of the bad
She thought Humanity would make her feel good
She carried the world on her shoulders
Like proud soldier
True warrior
She cries out to the universe
Who is there for me?!
No one as far as she can see
Soul drained
Stained with nothing gained
Stressed and stretched far too thin
Weary within
Where then, is the humanity for her clipped wing?
Seeking affirmation in her King
Giving without an ending to her song
No wrongs in her righteousness
Virtuous in all of her endeavors

She washed away the reality of her own reality
She came face to face with it and kissed it on its lips
Seen and experienced the cruelties
Her youth was stolen from her
No longer wanted
Tossed away
Gave freely of herself with no demands in return
Humanity never understood her….
Never fully knew the treasure she offered
Humanity never deserved her…..

© Jody ‘Tru Story’ Austin

Excerpt from the book “Unleashed”
Also Available on

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

Photo Credit: © Zave Smith/Image Source/Corbis

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