New Nature

A young man spots a deep pool amongst the mist in Shasta, California.

New Nature

Growth all around
Vegetation flows to nourishment
A precise mixture to sustain life’s breath
Hours move forward giving birth to moments
that will reach toward the future
Reduced to single strands of time
Nature laws cannot be broken
But bent to the uniqueness of each creature
Building to create and navigate through
Changing nature is a struggle
Ingrained is the past evolution
of how life should be lived
Pre-programmed to the simple
Complex so far past the norm
There must be something more
Refuse to stay confined by man’s fences
Doomed species to one day be extinct
Shed comfort and what is familiar
Nature is not the body but the soul within
Death in water a new nature is birthed
Beware the whispers of the old self
That coaxes and beckons in thoughts and dreams
You may not be recognized-clothed in newness
Never to be left in loneliness
Filled with the promise of a forever tomorrow
With the vastness of what newness can be

© Nolan. P. Holloway Jr.

Excerpt from his book “Journey To The Poetic Light”–…
• Also available on by Title

Photo Credit: © Keri Oberly / Aurora Photos/

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