Writer Highlight Featuring: David Hall



What is our Declaration of Independence?
It has become just another dividing fence
With both sides falsely claiming to be right
Misleading campaign ads, just a big red/blue fight

This country boy has a news bite to say to you
I declare, I’m sick and tired of your whole crew
How about, I just declare to be independent,
Then I decide how my own money is spent?

There is still a country full of American true bloods
Resistant to the Politician’s lying thieving floods
But in reality what can one poor country voice do,
Faced against this powerful and wealthy crew?

But being led silent to the slaughter doesn’t make sense
Voicing my dissent, is my Declaration of Independence

© Copyright, David Brian Hall 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on April 24, 2015

Photo Credit: © Pixabay/Public Domain/Royalty Free Photos

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