My Inner Mind

Personality disorder

My Inner Mind

My mind is tripping, slipping, burning, yearning, screaming, tossing, turning and its going anywhere I can’t see. I am bleeding, dying, and I’m fading away into the dark abyss. I’m frightened what I might find within my inner mind. I want to hide because it’s not so kind and what I see is the beast in me.

How long can I fight this beast inside? What have I done to become like Jekyll and Hyde? The lust burns and I’m running out of time. Not for long will my soul be mine. I’ve kept this secret and all I want to do is to forget. What happened to my name? I have two names, and the insanity sinks into my veins. O the yelling, the howling, the screaming, and I’m transforming into a raging beast who wants to feast. Someone save from this misery, save me from the beast in me. What lurks within my inner mind is not so kind, so run and hide from Jekyll and Hyde.

© Isaiah Barber

Excerpt from the book “Path To Serenity”
• Also available on by Title

Photo Credit: © B. BOISSONNET / BSIP/BSIP/Corbis

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