Writer Highlight Featuring: Charlene Elson-Gustard

Couple Arguing at Home

Love Waits

Explanations are hard to come by…
They go scarce after perceived betrayal
breaks into pieces hearts
like shards from shattered glass…
People scream in angered anguish
or fall silent, but will not talk.

Understanding goes out the door…
Chests once heaving laughter,
have suddenly become poor…
Faces are solemn made as smiles,
like southbound birds, migrate…
Reason threatens to pack its bags…
Standing eagerly at the gate, Hate.

Reconciliation waits patiently,
pondering peace treaties, hopefully…
Forgiveness sits in silence,
unaffected by the nonsense
of hasty assumptions and pointless prejudgment… Love waits.

Love takes no side…
Peace pulls together parts of shattered pride…
Old Time attempts to bridge the divide
as sides declare right:
Their reason for the fight…
Love waits and, as each presents its case, dutifully prepares to oust Complain
and assume the dirty work.

© Copyright, Charlene Elson-Gustard 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on April 29, 2015

Photo Credit:Photo Credit: © Image Source/Corbis

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