I went to invite the female mechanic to a ball,
However, she turned the other way.
Then I met the chairperson outside,
She was too pompous to reply my greetings.
I felt the manageress was somewhat confused,
She could not know the right answer
To my tender request.
The female engineer worked on a project
Down the ever-busy Fifth Park Avenue,
Perhaps she was too busy to decipher
The quality of being sensational.
Then walked in the medical doctor to my life,
Who despaired long after I’d left her indecision.
Oh, I almost forgot the lawyer,
My words went through
Her right ear, coming out through her left;
She was hoodwinked into
Falling in love with the wrong man.
The fashion designer was not unluckier,
She could not love a man like a thread.
The beauty queen came too close,
She shared her table and chuckle with me,
Nevertheless, we were far more distant
After the very first date.
The accountant found her way to my heart
But found her way out too soon.
It was then that the fisher-woman came,
With her rustic mind and squalid reasoning,
But she was never to leave me.

© Olawale Famodun

Excerpt from the book “Poems Of Redemption”
• Also Available on by Title

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