Reality Slice (An Assessment)

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Reality Slice (An Assessment)

I really do care
My feelings are up front and personal
Say what is on my mind at that very moment
But there is a disconnect that short circuits the
Been wrestling with this
No name, just a sensation when it comes
Expectations set only to be disappointed
Who is to carry that burden?
Fighting against the role that I see all around
Protection is needed so I am not bruised
Perception causes all kinds of issues
Feeling it right now
Is it me or them?
Can reality be divided?
If so, how?
No answers, just questions
Can’t taste feelings
Touch emotions
Smell intentions
Guess the slice is meant to be shared

© Nolan. P. Holloway Jr.

Excerpt from his book “Journey To The Poetic Light”–…
• Also available on by Title



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