My Loving Guide


My Loving Guide

We had spent the day fishing;
lounging in lawn chairs by the river’s edge.
A sunny and warm June day;
filled with laughter and ‘remember me’ moments.

The family gathered around the porch;
brought together by disturbing news.
The Devil came for a visit;
threatening our family with a gun.

You were so protective and brave;
with feet firmly on the ground.
He was angered by your fierceness;
you stopped a bullet with your heart.

Your Beloved was so frightened;
she came running to your side.
The Devil cared not, she was with child;
she stopped a bullet too.

God held you in His arms that night;
then He took you Home.
Your baby girl lies on your chest;
where she sleeps for Eternity.

You have never left me;
promising always to be my guide.
I call upon you daily;
you help me find my way.

Those moments when I need you,
meditation quiets my mind.
I sit on a stone bench in Heaven,
and wait for you to appear.

My heart is free from sadness;
excitement fills my veins.
You always sit beside me;
and say, “I have been here all along”.

© Debra McLain

Excerpt from the book “To Conquer Or Die Trying”
• Also Available on by Title

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