Month: May 2015


Tumor This will sound crazy, you may think me insane, But I am dead certain of a tumor in my brain. And not any old tumor, oh no, contraire. But a tumor of love that grows with my hair. Down… Read More ›

Realm of a Witch

Realm of a Witch I am nailed by the abated pride, Crippled by the abhorred thralldom; Fallen then Vanished in the vortex of fathomless follies… Lost in jet black desolation, Confined in the castle of iniquity, I worship you my… Read More ›

Living on Air

Living on Air For half of my life, I punished myself for being alive. Starving for affection, my body denied of nutrition, I was not living, only existing. Eating was against the rules. I became a master at the game…. Read More ›