Writer Highlight Featuring: Sue Lobo



With your little head upon night´s sweet pillow,
You run to dreamland while your curtains billow,
With a milky smile upon your sweet sleeping lip,
Leaving me, off to your fantasy land you gaily trip.

You fight bad dragons with Excalibur´s magic sword,
You cross Troll´s Mountains over wild oceans & fords,
At times you´re the bravest of hero´s that saves the day,
At times you whimper in your sleep & I know you´re afraid.

Pistachioed pixies sing, cavort & around bush fires dance,
Fairies waving glittering wands while they flitter & prance,
Witches & warlocks around cauldrons cast deep dark spells,
While you little one, cast golden coins into magic wishing wells.

You´re fireman, astronaut, Red Indian & galloping cowboy too,
Once in dreamland you´ve marched, you´ve soared & even flew,
With joy, with fear, with magic & all the most beautiful things,
Letting you be who you want to be & to fly with Angels wings.

When you awake, you stretch, yawn & sleepily, sweetly smile,
Running to my bed saying, “Mum, please stay here a little while,
I want to tell you where I went when the night was very black”,
And snuggling close, after telling me, says, “But I´m so glad I´m back.”

© Sue Lobo 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on May 31, 2015

Photo Credit: © Justin Paget/Corbis/Royalty Free Photos

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