I won’t announce my arrival
With the gong, you’ll know in your strand
That the being is frank survival,
I am a name, I am a brand,
I’ve properly packaged myself,
Into been to bottoms of the shelf
And out, on its top I do sit.

Tell what’s done deliberately
That makes you all the time stand out,
Enter the dark desperately
And all its puzzles you do flout;
The beginning of illusion
Is the doom of proper reason,
To human eyes is confusion
As season climb upon season.

Tell (me) what people easily
Remember when you show up, or
What is thus perceived readily
Which we know but cannot stand for,
I cannot cry: I know not tears
Or when I feign to make a laugh
Reveals my teeth with grin of fears
Which, seen in me, but I don’t have.

So I’ve a depth that has no end,
How then can you understand me,
When all that you could comprehend
Is formless form absolutely?
You must listen for the essence
And the essence that is obtained
Behind the essence of the sense,
Through which Truth is only contained

Olodumare talks, but you
Mustn’t be heard to have seen him talk,
The cast of the cowries is true,
Heels unhurt when on fire they walk.
Hence, I can see the huge picture
Which those with eyes can never see,
And we’re living in the future,
In which the present seems to be.

The notion is, ‘Look Across Time’
Stand firmly, spit upon the face,
Cook what cures you with herbs and lime
And words not found in any place.
With Babalawo’s calabash
Showing at its bottom a hole,
You bring out new lives from the ash’
Which is produced when you burn the whole.

I created around me awe,
Dreadful auras, hence do hover
And human beings, silly, and raw
Can’t the fence of fear jump over.
Am I man unfathomable?
‘Cause the extent we cannot reach
And questions unanswerable
Since silence is truthful than speech.

© Olawale Famodun

Excerpt from the book “Poems Of Redemption”
• Also Available on by Title

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