First Take

18 Nov 2014 --- Close up of a man's hand flipping through the pages of a book. --- Image by © Mint Images/Corbis

Armed with mind games
Altering both mental and digital frames
Questioning everything is it us or is it them
Actors and actresses in place assigned with a pseudonym
Impromptu cue cards ever changing the script
Sending freedom fighters and righteous teachers to their crypt
Passive souls just playing spectators
The all black brigade inciting riots; call them the aggravators
The entire world is a stage
At the point of no return with pent up rage
Risking freedom to be confined in a cage
Stuck on the same chapter; now let’s turn the page

© Lindsey F. Rhodes

Excerpt from the book “CrossRhodes”
• Also available on by Title

Photo Credit: © Mint Images/Corbis

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1 reply

  1. Well said. Beautiful sentiments and so true. There is too much violence and hate out there in this world. And it’s time for a change.


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