Writer Highlight Featuring: Sue Lobo



Do you ever feel that you have made the wrong choices?
When you should have listened to those warning voices,
When you should recognized those oblique passing signs,
Releasing you from all those life- choices that tightly binds.

Instead of being the bee, should you have been the bird?
Instead of staying mute, should you have said the word?
Instead of staying still, should you have run with speed?
Maybe if you had, you would have been released & freed.

Should you have been the pot, instead of simmering pan?
Should you have loved woman, instead of loving the man?
Should you have loved more, or maybe even less, hated?
Should you have gone away & not stayed here & waited?

Should you have wed, or stayed alone to wither & freeze?
Or shown the world your soul, upon your novice´s knees?
Should you, shouldn’t you, who is to know, who can tell?
It´s all within the toss of the coin, within life´s wishing well.

© Copyright, Sue Lobo 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on June 16, 2015

Photo Credit: © pixabay/Public Domain/Royalty Free Photos

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