Shining The Spotlight On: Amrita Valan

Spot 6


Silk scarf, pale gleaming thighs
Swish of silk, she walks by
The rainy evening swooning low
Teetering on high heels.
Soft focus of matchless jasper eyes
Delectably embroidered

The hollow heart creaks, the winds sigh,
Yet she looks neither left nor right
Her vista stellar, ethereal.

Pallid creamy demeanor’s satin soft
Languorous effects, dream deep,
Counterpoising swift sashay of
Sinuous silken limbs.

She is a goddess splashing a rainy
wake of tears on your evening’s parade
The froth rimming over the top
Of your cafe latte,
Her eyes, a distant dream
Alien to your invasion.

Her veiled mystique
A subtle revelation
The winning edge that
leaves you longing and
Lounging in hideous cafes
For a chance lottery win
A dash with hurried splendor
Hidden hopes, rendezvous
Envisioned in charming
gardens of pleasure…such
Soft secret, sinful offerings,
visionary beauty’s
unconscious alms.

© Amrita Valan

Featured Writers at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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