Wrap Me

03 Feb 2014, Sweden --- Graveyard in winter fog --- Image by © Caluvafoto/Johnér Images/Corbis

Image by © Caluvafoto/Johnér Images/Corbis

In my loneliness God, I ask only to be,
Held close to you, so please enfold me,
Wrap me in love, in strong gentle arms,
Swathe me in silk-worms subtle charms.

Wreathe me in smiles of sleepy babes,
Swirl me in frothy ocean´s waves,
Ensconce me in nut-skins & gossamer mists,
Hold me tight in little boys’ fists.

Spin me into spiders’ webs of silk,
Encase me in the udders of nurturing milk,
Hide me within the snails’ patient shell,
Lower me deep into Bridgit’s well.

Cradle me in the secrets of Angels songs,
Dream me in the echoes of Temple gongs,
Nestle me within the feathers of birds in flight,
Keep me safe behind the blind man´s sight.

Furl me in the heart of the velvet rose,
Dream me in Morpheus´s sweet repose,
Cuddle me close to earth´s thudding breast,
Entomb me in eternity for my final rest.

© Sue Lobo

Excerpt from the book “The Last Dance”

• Also available on Amazon.com by Title

Photo Credit: © Caluvafoto/Johnér Images/Corbis

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3 replies

  1. Beautiful piece of poetry, Sue Lobo, and thank you for sharing, Raja. It’s what I needed to hear today. Many blessings!

    I, for some reason, am not seeing your writing challenges stream on Facebook where I can join in.


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