Writer Highlight Featuring: H Paul Goodwin


Nineteen-Ninety Three

Twenty to my right
sits Melissa
my first lust
in amongst the flat whites
and biscotti dust
time’s not been kind
to me, I mean
bringing her here
so i can see what i missed
to look at what i could have won

Long blonde and highlights
same as the night
i walked seven miles
to her work and watched her flirt
with some bloke
and i screwed up the letter
I’d planned to deliver
she said “oh hi” as i left
and uttered the five words
cyclists and paramours detest
“i didn’t see you there”

The inevitable wedding band
encircling her finger
strikes up a tune
that stops me from
traversing the room
cappuccino in hand
just to say hello
and to shoot the breeze
with a girl I’ve not seen
since ninety three

She hasn’t seen me today
she didn’t see me back then
but I can still feel the glory of young love
and the sting of that punch from her boyfriend

© Copyright, H Paul Goodwin 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on June 17, 2015

Photo Credit: © IM Free/Public Domain/Royalty Free Photos

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2 replies

  1. i think the writer captured the very essence lonley self discovery of the male erogenous zones, you can almost feel the very tip of his sensitivity as is poised to envelope the female reader into a motivation of sexual discovery. More pleade mr G.


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