Writer Highlight Featuring: Sue Lobo



I am wrapped in the reeling rantings of reticent ravens,
Surrounded by the sorry silence of swooping swallows,
The songs of sunny song-birds & the last call of dying swans,
Serenaded on my death-bed, on my way to sacred havens.

I am enveloped by egrets, ernes & powerful eagles of might,
Told the unknown secrets by the whispering warblers,
Daubed by flamingoes pink, blood-red shrike & kingfisher blue,
Caressed by the tern & kissed by the kite on his thermal flight.

I´m humored by the geese & ducks squeaks & squawks,
Calmed by the thrush & gentle dove softly cooing,
The owl at night & his haunting whooping,
I´m heralded on my way by the haughty hawk.

I´m awakened at dawn by the laugh of the lark,
Musically amused by blackbirds antics,
The splashing at the pool of the little birds bathing,
The nightingale´s voice, solitary in the dark.

Beaked Angels & plumed prophets upon the wing,
The choir of multi-coloured-feathered tunes,
Adrift upon the heaven´s plumes,
Urge me to fly high & want to sing.

© Copyright, Sue Lobo 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on April 25, 2015

Photo Credit: © IM Free/Public Domain/Royalty Free Photos

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  1. The alliteration is brilliant. This is most definitely a beautiful read.


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