The Unraveling


Reopening a wound that still seems so fresh
The mind, body, and soul along with sanity still trying to mesh
Wrong place and wrong time
Caught in the crossfire at the scene of the crime
Upbeat attitude deflated by false accusation
Finding myself in a delicate situation
Heart lumped in my throat ready to scream damn it all
Elongated shadow and my conscious were the only witnesses to my potential downfall
New found enemies approaching me through inquiries unbeknownst to me
Praying for a miracle so my feet did the talking and I began to flee
Without any particular purpose
Until the truth finally surfaced
As a giant weight was being lifted off my back
That was the queue to get on track
Revenge was now the motive to redeem a fractured soul
Heightened anxiety and third degree stress began to takes its toll
14 years later and I still find myself wanting to flashback
Forever remaining focused and sharp as a tack
Wanted to take heed and adhere to the golden rule
One tough lesson that I had to endure in attending Life’s school

© Lindsey F. Rhodes

Excerpt from the book “CrossRhodes”
• Also available on by Title

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