Writer Highlight Featuring: Vincey Delaney


“Hi, ah, do you know if this cauliflower is firm, I can’ t tell?” He chuckles, “Sorry, I’m not a cauliflower eater, never was, never will be. I just think of them as a pretty flower. But did you know that a cauliflower is terrific to stop cold winds. When I was young, my neighbor used it to cover a hole in his tree house club. It worked perfectly but later on, it didn’t smell too good.” She wonderfully laughs along with him, “Oh gosh, a cauliflower insulator, that is sooooooooo crazy funny!!!” “Yeah, pretty funny, you have a great laugh!!”

© Copyright, Vincey Delaney 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on June 29, 2015

Photo Credit: © Raphye Alexius/Corbis/Royalty Free Photos

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