Broken Mirrors

Woman Looking in Broken Mirror --- Image by © Turba/Corbis

Image by © Turba/Corbis

Shards of glass hold fragmented images
While unclaimed darkness lurking in the shadows
Waits to cast judgments upon our rejected and disowned image

False projections cast reflections of unworthiness
Disclaiming our own greatness
With fear and self-doubt

Unconsciously looking in the mirror daily
Projecting ugliness with one’s own thoughts
Dislikes running wild in a rampart playground of false ideas and beliefs

“I am not good enough”
Running truth in your ears
The projections of only, your deepest fears

Uncomfortable with the sight that is magnified and seen
Not a picture cut out of a beauty magazine
Righteously upset with the hand you were dealt

Nasty, the emotions you felt

Blaming the broken mirror for the image it casts
Close minded descriptions of your focal view
Your own self-image dissected right in front of you.

© Raja Williams

Except from the book “Unleashed”

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Photo Credit: © Turba/Corbis

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