Cinematic Bloodbath

Movie Making --- Image by © William Whitehurst/CORBIS

Image by © William Whitehurst/CORBIS

Violence in the movies
violence in the streets
Violence is everywhere
even in the sheets
of rain that fall and abuse you as you walk
Sun rays berate you as you walk and you talk
We talk about shootings like they’re an abhorrence
When we eat, sleep, and drink violence in torrents
kids look up to the modern psychopath in movies
like they are gods
Then we witness shootings
what are the odds?
The odds are pretty good as I can plainly see
violence is the main moneymaker on TV
Blame mental illness
blame the lone sod
but never blame the elites
money is our God
We work all day and then pay
to see someone pretend to die on camera
Maybe if you put your money elsewhere
we’d see people hammer a few nails
into the planks of sanity
Instead we pay people for their vanity
I could go on and on but I will not
Just remember you’re the one paying
to see somebody get shot.

© Adam Levon Brown

Except from the book “Musings of a Madman”

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Photo Credit: © William Whitehurst/CORBIS

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