Fathers are the Backbone of a Good and Stable Home

Father and daughter brushing their teeth together --- Image by © Tomas Rodriguez/Corbis

Image by © Tomas Rodriguez/Corbis

Fathers are the backbone
of a good and stable home.
I have been blessed
with a loving father,
who was also a
good provider.

With the help of my mother,
I have been rooted
and grounded in love.
That’s a very special gift,
sent only from above.

For all of the times
that I have fallen,
my dad was there
to pick me up.
I am a single parent of three
and that certainly
was not what my father
had planned for me.

Falling off of my bike
and getting back on again.
Standing tall with confidence,
I hold my head up high.
Like the butterfly,
I am flying in the sky!

As leader of my home,

I have learned
that I can not be a
father to my children
because I am not a man.

As a mother,
I simply love
and nurture my children
the best way that I can.

The old fashioned way.

I teach my children that
if they make a bad decision,
make another one until you get it right.

For each new day that comes our way,
we have a chance to correct the
things that we did wrong yesterday.

God loves and forgives us this I know
because each new day that I arise,
my Heavenly Father gives me a make-up exam!

I am very blessed to have two fathers who love me so very much!

© Stacey ‘Eloquently Speaking’ Lunsford

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Photo Credit: © Tomas Rodriguez/Corbis

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2 replies

  1. This is very beautiful. Growing up my mother happened to be enough. As I am sure you are. Thanks to our heavenly father and the make-up test we get each morning.


  2. Thank you so much for your kind word! Much love and respect, Stacey~


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