Shining The Spotlight On: April Lynne

Spot 3

~ When Love Leaves You Longing, Forlorn~

When love leaves you longing, forlorn
And dreams shared, dissipate
The history of together holds on
“What could of been” falsely satiates

The heart falls down a slippery slope
Gone the years of living, loving out loud
Life continues on auto pilot
The pilot out of control; life down

Grief, loss cannot be hurried
It runs its own course
When love is loss, dreams broken
The pieces scatter within the very souls source

And the soul, so soft and tender
Cries a silent death
Yet, no one hears the cries
No one knows this pains depth

Unless, of course, you’ve been, known
The devastation of being loved less;
When love takes wing, steals the flutter
Broken hearts, leaves life’s a mess.

© Copyright, April Lynne 2015

Featured Writers at “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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  1. This is Beautiful and Brilliant! I love everything about it, keep penning! ShihiVenus


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