Jazz Lady

Close-up of a Man Plucking a Double Bass on Stage in a Nightclub and a Female Singer and Saxophonist Standing in the Background --- Image by © 13/Nick White/Ocean/Corbis

Image by © 13/Nick White/Ocean/Corbis

Midday she rises
Choosing from a treasure of sounds kept for our hearing
Soothing calmness is her demeanor that has been mastered
Shaping music into a tonic to cure
the disease of routine days
Friends with Rhythm and companion of Smooth
Your menagerie penetrates and moves the inner notes of our hearts
Skill sharpened by preparation
A meal for our ears to feast and become full
Sensory explosion
See her walk lightly on strings of plunked sunshine
Hear sounds woven into profound themes
Feel her joined to the jazziness in us all
Smell the fragrance of newness-not the staleness that has dulled the masses
Tasty to the palate-many flavors to be enjoyed
So be welcomed Jazz Lady
Draw from the strength of us to move forward in sound
You are Jazz
And very much a Lady

© Nolan. P. Holloway Jr.

Excerpt from the book “Journey To The Poetic Light”

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Photo Credit: © 13/Nick White/Ocean/Corbis

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