Writer Highlight Featuring: Sue Lobo – Message In A Bottle




I´ll send you a message, in bottle of green glass,
I will cork it with love & secrets from our lost past,
Perfumed note floating, upon ocean´s crests & seas,
Carried upon waves, by soft breathing of the breeze.

With love desired, promises, & our soft made wishes,
Caressed by whales, dolphin-kissed & carried by fishes,
My bottle with its message, shall find your distant shore,
Where you will be waiting, as it´s written in ancient lore.

My crystal contained missive, shall be lifted by the loon,
Within its briny beak & shall be tossed to distant moon,
And tumbling upon old tides, to its resting place on sand,
Where you´ll bend to receive my love, in your waiting hand.

© Copyright, Sue Lobo 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on September 14, 2015

Photo Credit: © Lost Horizon Images/cultura/Corbis/Royalty Free Photos

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