Writer Highlight Featuring: David Hall – This Old Bat

Baseball Bat --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

Image By © Randy Faris/Corbis


This Old Bat

My hands feel the history
stored in this weathered bat
stained dark brown
chipped from smashing those rock bombs
each little divot
a memory
ready to surface
play a movie from the past.

“Here hold it son
run your hands up the barrel
can you feel it,
the history ingrained
in this old bat?”

His young face is in mesmerized
as he sees the tears
being pulled out of hiding
to seek sanctuary
in my beard.

“Son, your uncle Travis
(may he rest in peace)
and my other cousins
played ball with this bat
in front of your great-grandma’s house.

I almost lost this Louisville Slugger
twice when we lived overseas
and I had to leave my stuff behind
I couldn’t find it at first
but pa had a corner
full of walking canes
and one bat.

His old derby hat
hung on my Louisville Slugger
I asked him “Pa can I have my bat?”
He chuckled “Yeah, it’s yours isn’t it”
hugging me tight against his overalls
smelling like dried tobacco.

That’s your great grandpa, son
holding that piece of wood
you are connected
to him
for a moment
for a memory”

© Copyright, David Hall 2015

Photo Credit: © Randy Faris/Corbis

Response to our Inspiration Call on September 20, 2015

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