Shining The Spotlight on: Elizabeth Diane Daniel

Spot 4


Once Upon A Beat

Lean in close,
Listen if you will,
As I tell you a story,
One I know so well,

Once upon on an August,
A day warm,
With a blazing sun dreary,
A restless heart was discovered,
Unlike any other,

This rare jewel,
Brighter than amethyst,
Opalescent pearl,
Possessing abilities,
Unseen by man,

It could release laughter,
Far beyond the reach,
Of any galaxy,
Affecting all within it’s touch,

This object of affection,
Could lift spirits,
Like Superman,
Hoisted Lois Lane,
Saving the day,
Drying the tiniest of tears,

One fateful day,
It’s beating ceased,
Broken from life’s battles,
Tattered and torn,
It was decided,
This heart belonged,
On life support,

Lean in close,
Listen if you will,
You can almost hear,
The faint sound,
A heartbeat,
Waiting for a hero still.

© Elizabeth Daniel

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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