The Shell – Author Sue Lobo

French Polynesia --- Shell Lying in Sand --- Image by © Douglas Peebles/Corbis

Image by © Douglas Peebles/Corbis

Prostrate upon satin beach you lie,
Ordered by god´s daunting finger from the sky,
Pinky hues of sunset dance,
Slowly, the wind & night advance,
Covering your spiral being in lonely black,
You cower beneath the starry shack,
Gripping grainy fingers, for the love of being,
Cold, hard enamel, the price of not seeing,
Bejeweled, perfect in your own right,
Missing beneath ocean´s heart at first light.

© Sue Lobo

Excerpt from the book “Wild Whisperings”

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Photo Credit: © Douglas Peebles/Corbis

100% of book purchases will be donated to the “Save The Rhino International” fund.

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