Author Sue Lobo – A Rare Breed

SUE FRONTSue Lobo is a class act, spreading her love and kindness in a world full of despair. She has seen a natural paradise up close while living in Africa for many years, but it also opened her eyes to the injustice toward humanity and the animal world. She has published two books narrating her life there: Africa My Africa – a poetry collection, and Lollipops of Dust – an autobiography. Her first poetry collection with Creative Talents Unleashed, The Last Dance, takes one on a spiritual journey connecting life and death.

Her newest release, Wild Whisperings, is a poetry collection dedicated to the animals of the world; the creatures men tend to feel they have power over and treat with disrespect. Lobo has seen this disrespect up close and is not about to silence the atrocities these innocent animals are plagued with. Each poem in the book feels like an intimate relationship; her love for every species is clear, and author Demitri Tyler expresses the type of passion she put into the collection in his Foreword from the book:

The content found within is much more than well-dressed words void of true substance gracing the page as sometimes poetry tends to do. This book of poetry is an invitation, a celebration of life. All walks of life. It’s a heartfelt eulogy to a much simpler place in time, and most importantly a subtle voice for the vulnerable creatures among us who are endangered and in desperate need of our help

-Demitri Tyler, Author – Measuring For Balance

It is evident that Sue’s compassion for animals goes above and beyond, as she is donating all the proceeds of this book to the Save The Rhino International Fund. Her goal is to bring awareness to all before it is too late. We are close to losing many species by our own hands and the pleas for help are beautifully uttered in her poetry.


Author, Sue Lobo

We wanted to delve a little more into Sue’s journey, her inspiration, and taking on such an important project. From her answers, it is indisputable that Sue Lobo is rare breed; a human with sincere empathy for the living world.

Tell us about yourself and your journey into writing.

I am half Welsh & half English, born in England & raised in Africa. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, words always being my most faithful friends.

Which books or authors inspire you?

My favourite author is the late John O´Donohue, he never fails to inspire me.  I also love Neruda, Dylan Thomas & Kahlil Gibran.

What are you reading right now?

At the moment I am re-reading The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam.

How did you end up in Africa and describe some of your memorable experiences there?

I was about two years old when my parents went out to Africa. My father worked for the British Government & we were sent out to Bechuanaland Protectorate (now Botswana). It was the era of Colonialism before independence. I lived a life that seems like a dream today in an Africa that was still so natural among wild animals, black magic, the Bushman tribes, beautiful people in an untouched & natural environment, without electricity, running water & tourists. It was the original Garden of Eden & I feel blessed to have lived it. My story in Africa is told in my book “Lollipops Of Dust”.

You are dedicating this book to all animals and donating the proceeds to charity…what made you decide to take on such a project?

Poaching is rife in Africa. We have heard about it with the elephants & there has been a big movement to stop the ivory trade but unfortunately it is still going on, but due to world awareness now it is being watched. Rhinos are having a very hard time at the moment due to the mistaken idea that their horns are an aphrodisiac. These animals are being hunted down & slaughtered mercilessly; often their horns are hacked off their heads while they are still alive. Many of the females have babies that are left abandoned, afraid, confused & without food with their mothers dead. Funds are needed to support the rangers who are risking life & limb to protect these animals in their natural habitat, to fund the training of dogs that are used with the rangers, to transport these animals to safer areas & often to operate the damaged animals that they manage to save. I know my book is a drop in the ocean, but I am dedicating all my share of the royalties to “Save The Rhino International” fund as they are doing such a good job.

I have had a lot of feed back over the years on my animal poetry, so I thought I would write a book only on an animal theme & dedicate it to animals in Africa. When I was a child I ran wild with the animals of Africa & they gave me friendships that human beings can never compare to. My book “Wild Whisperings” is my small way to give back to a continent, for the gift of the childhood it gave me & the person I am today.

The poem “Questions” I find to be a most powerful message for the misguided connection between man and animal. Tell us about your inspiration for this piece and what you want to convey to the reader?

“Questions” I wrote inspired by the eternal questions that humanity has been asking since time began. I often wonder what the smallest of life forms ask of their God. It is presumptuous of us as humans, to think that we are the only ones capable of praying for answers. I feel that if we listened more, we would find the answers.

Excerpt from “Questions”  in Wild Whisperings by Sue Lobo

Excerpt from “Questions”
in Wild Whisperings by Sue Lobo

What is your favorite poem in the book and why?

I do not have a favourite poem in my book, as I feel that every piece has their message. I have tried to include a wide variety of animals from earth, air & water, animals wild & tame. This book is about all animals, their births deaths, struggles & their spirituality, hopefully we can learn from them some day. My favourite poem is still to be written & that will be the day when mankind becomes enlightened & realizes that we are not superior beings, we too are animals & have to learn to respect all life forms.

What do you hope readers take away from the book.

I would merely like people to enjoy the poetry, to support a good cause & hopefully to find a nugget of hope, however small, that we are all one & the same, & together we can, & must protect these creatures.

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Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia – a poetry collection about the struggles we face, the state of the world and how to see beauty in the simplest things.

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Photo Credit: © Sue Lobo & Donna J. Sanders

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