Shining The Spotlight on: Mark Heathcote

Spot 5

I’m The Army’s Saboteur

You’re stood standing in drill parade
Arcane is its brutality
Quietly, hoping, this charade
Doesn’t hones least not in totality.

Singled out… you shout out…“Yes Sir”
Self-personality, defer
Both eyes, pressing forward—startled
A voice inside trembles garbled.

This me isn’t verifiable
Furthermore, I must be certifiable
Singled out… you shout out…“Yes, Sir”
“Sonny boy you’re a saboteur”.

…“Yes, Sir” “Sonny boy you’re the cur…
You’re the mongrel dog I incur
I’m sorry, sorry, sorry Sir.
Now “Sonny boy, do you concur.
…“Yes, Sir”…“Yes, Sir” sir I’m the cur…
“Sir, I’m the army’s saboteur”.

© Mark Heathcote

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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