Bad Math – Author Ryan Vallee


Our division adds up
To insufficient math.
You found a thousand reasons
To love me, and just one
Reason to leave.
I can’t blame you,
You were talking to a wall
As I did not heed the warnings.
I was blind to the divide
Between you and I,
It was a windshield, only seen
With the rain falling.
You had a rock in your hand, cocked
And ready to throw, but I held
Your arm back,
Afraid to rebuild,
Afraid to fix myself,
Afraid to change.
A better man would have handed you
The wrench himself,
But I was a nut too seized up
In my ways to be brave.
Our division was subtraction,
And it figures…

I’ve never been great at math.

© Ryan Vallee

Excerpt from the book “Off The Leash”

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