Inspiration Call: Describe This Scene to Your Reader.


Inspiration Call: Part of being a good writer is having the ability to describe a scene with words when the reader is not able to visually see it. Describe this scene to your reader.

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  1. The music was precision-tuned to be neither offensive nor enjoyable. It was almost as if a very large man had thrown himself down a flight of stairs and was falling at a steady, predictable pace. He leaned back, trying to imagine being somewhere else—anywhere else. But every time he opened his eyes he saw shoes. Racks upon racks of shoes. Shoes hanging from the wall. Shoes on mannequins. Shoes on the feet of mall-zombies; he wondered sometimes if they were all real people and not just a ploy by a marketing exec somewhere to convince others that this was normal, for people to spend their weekends buying over-priced brand-name clothing that they couldn’t afford. His girlfriend half-ran to the pair of red shoes he had been glaring at for the past ten minutes
    “Oh my God! They are perfect!”


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