I Am Not My Father – Author Raja Williams

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation

As I watched him walk away,
I realized the burdens he has carried
He carries with him;
His father’s sins

They are attached to his soul
And anchored into his DNA

He walks like his father
He talks like his father
His angry outbursts performed;
Just like his father

In a heated moment of anger between us
I accusingly yell out . . .
“You’re just like your father,
why would you want to be like that?”

The silence cuts with a knife
His stare;
Kills me dead where I stand

That was the last time I saw him
He walked out the door;
His last words . . .

“I Am Not My Father!”

Three days later . . . He died of a drug overdose
He died;
Just like his father.

© Raja Williams

Excerpt from the book “Imprints In The Sand”

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Photo Credit: © Leah Warkentin/Design Pics/Corbis

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