Dance Away – Author Veronica Thornton

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation
If I could dance with the wind
and feel the rain against my skin
I would feel it deep within
the chill from the rain would silently drive me insane
while washing away all my pain
the way the water would dance on my skin
would be guided by the wind
leaving me with no way to pretend
I want to feel it again and again
there’s just something about the way it feels
that lets me know it’s real
at times it just gently caresses my face
while other times the wind molest my body at a slow pace
just when it takes my breath away
it breathes life into me in another way
I just sit and listen to the calming things it has to say
but if I got a chance to dance with the wind
and feel it right against my skin
guiding my steps from within
moving feet to our own beat
while the sweat from the clouds
causes the rain to cool all the heat
the experience is surreal
I just love how the wind makes me feel
as we dance an eternity away
within an hour on any day
the wind decides he wants to tickle my insides
while we dance with rhythmic steps and glides
wind whipping through my hair
only focusing on these moments we share
as the wind caresses my face
he reminds me that I’m always in first place
as he firmly guides me by the waist
and we dance all over any and every open space
I wish everyone had a chance
to experience the wind’s magical dance.

© Veronica Thornton
Excerpt from the book “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me”
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Photo Credit: © JGI/Blend Images/Corbis

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