Look at Me – Author Donna J. Sanders

Culture manipulates us with self
imploring that in order to love others
we must first love ourselves,
feeding us with the need
for self-worth, esteem, leading only to greed,
more sadness and depression
infecting us with a narcissistic rage.

Why don’t I have more likes on my social network page?
My selfie was so artistic – Look at me!
Don’t – and we go ballistic
for the latest fashion trend and fad,
people will love me for all the mod things I have.

And with such a mentality
we walk by the friend or neighbor
stricken with unexpected poverty,
the child born without any kin
left to die and feed on the next garbage bin,
we watch the elderly struggle with health
because their own family has stolen their wealth.

As we scuffle and fight for the hottest holiday toy
we forget those without a hot meal,
a high roof or anything at all.
We have surely become everything
that society wants us to be,
digging us into a deeper hole than generations before

When in reality
life can open our eyes to so much more.
The philosophy to live by
should then only be to extend some help
and love thy neighbor as you love yourself.

© Donna J. Sanders

Excerpt from the book “Ataraxia”

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