My Neighbour – Author Debasish Mishra


They say he is of a different religion
With a different God.
His festivals are different than mine.
He has other scriptures & tenets to follow…

But strange that this may seem,
I found him to be crying with the same colorless tears…
That also fills my eyes!
His blood was red like mine…
& somewhere inside, I presumed,
His heart was alike my heart.

He felt the same hunger when deprived of food.
He felt the similar pain when he faced an injury.

Then why…?
Why do we build these artificial boundaries
That say he is different from me…
Don’t we have identical identities?

Only because he was born in the neighbour’s house
That homes another God & religion,
Is he supposed to be my enemy?

Am I supposed to hate him
For some atrocity perpetrated by someone else
Who was also a part of his religion?

In fact, these genuine doubts hover over my head
While I look for the unity in diversity…!

© Debasish Mishra

Except from the book “Divided Lines”

Now Available at:

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the

“Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Support a writer today!


Divided Lines

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