Wake Me – Tinaye Mazvita Munyawiri

Wake me for all the emotions are coiling inside.
Choking that which seems to be a reality
Wake me for I fear that I do not remember reality, that the glimpse of emotion may make me parish.
Wake me for I do not remember a time were these nightmares were not 3D
My anguish of demise quantifies my fear of downfall.
My internal harmatia, drawn from the spectrals of my shut eyelids.
Wake me, challenge me to testify a reality of compassion.
Wake me and let my word be the movement.
Wake me for I shall not be oppressed no more.
Like a sprawling thunder cloud
Like a brewing storm
Wake me, let me rain my spiritual vision.
Wake me for I will turn these horrors into the Valhalla of my lost tribe.
I said wake me and the tribe shall awake.

 ©  Tinaye Mazvita Munyawiri


DSC_0019 (7)

Author Bio:

I am 21year old female poet. I’ve been writing for the past 5 years. Writing is an emotional outlet for me, on issues I feel are important to me. I write to achieve a sense of self actualization and to be heard by the world population. I’m inspired by T.S Eliot, Oscar Wilde as well as Maya Angelou.  I’m proudly African from Zimbabwe.

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