Done and Dusted – Author Sue Lobo

I was born long time ago, was shown the light & given life at birth,
Conceived in love, pumped with breath & launched upon this earth,
I was taught the rights & wrongs & how not to break the million rules,
I learned the ropes of living, through parents, mentors & many schools,
I learned about the tenets & gospels from books & umpteen teachings,
And I heard harsh admonishments from the elders & their preaching’s,
I worked so hard & toiled the soil, for my family along with all the rest,
I was never deemed to be anything special & always tried to do my best.

From babe I was duly taught, to kneel & pray to the one & only God divine,
I always did, between my bouts of rolling weed & quaffing good red wine,
I have never been the saint they thought & have often popped those pills,
Trying so hard to forget this world with all its silly cracks & sorry sickly ills,
I have walked-the-walk; talked-the-talk & I have even sadly plodded streets,
I have tasted the acrid & the sour, along with the sometimes lucky sweets,
I have produced my pretty little daughters & also those manly desired sons,
My duty, so humanity may continue as we know it, in the way it had begun.

Along the way, I have told many truths & done my fair share of blatant lying,
I´ve done my best & have often failed, but not for the want of always trying,
I have asked forgiveness for my many sins & then thrown them into the bin,
Now, as wisdom´s shown, my life´s not a race, that I must either lose or win,
I have loved & hated with breath abated, through life´s long corridored halls,
The end is nigh & all I see, are eternity´s coffin-clad & dark awaiting walls,
I thanked God above; I never gave up, never fell & was never really busted,
In the end, I knew I´d lived my life well & now all is truly done & dusted.

© Sue Lobo
Excerpt from the book “The Last Dance”
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