Shining The Spotlight on: Geo Thompson

Spot 4

MicroPoetry One Word Challenge: CONSUMED


You said one day things will be different
Sitting here immersed…I wonder

I wonder about my wandering thoughts
I wonder about being consumed by and buried within my words
I wonder if you miss me the same way I miss you
I wonder with breathless abandonment and great anticipation
I wonder when I will see you next
I wonder will things be different

Have you ever wondered what life truly is all about
Have you wondered about believing in yourself
Have you wondered about the decisions you make
Have you wondered about our older yet youthful sense of wonderment
Have you wondered what it would be like to triumph over time

Looking back over my life
I wonder about love, life and friendship
I wonder if I made different choices what would life be like
I wonder if there really is someone out there
Somewhere for every one

I wonder if I look within will I find a hidden depth to myself
I wonder if I can rekindle my love for words
I wonder if I can be a source of inspiration
I wonder if I have thanked you enough
I wonder what you imagine when you think of the experience
I wonder if I will forget that yesterday was here and wave goodbye to my memories

You said one day things will be different
Sometimes I don’t wonder
I just want to know

© Geo Thompson 12/22/15

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”
MicroPoetry Challenge.

Photo Credit: © Donna Sanders

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