Space Cadet – Janny Bennett

I’m not sure where I come from,
There’s no-where I feel at ease.
Everything’s confusing and the people strange,
No-one seems to live in peace.
This isn’t the place I choose to be,
It really just isn’t for me.
A place full of toxic people,
I’m forever absorbing.
Making me feel like a chameleon,
Never knowing which way I’ll be.
It’s not good on me emotionally,
Never completely feeling free.
I’m wanting to find my way back,
To my very own galaxy.
It’s a place you cannot see,
Out on the edge of everything.
I’ve lost my direction completely,
Not liking this lost feeling.
And it’s my very own people,
I wish once again to see.

© Janny Bennett

 About The AuthorJanny

Janny is a Mother of three, Dairy farming with her partner in New Zealand. She likes to practice Muay Thai in her spare time. Writing is a very new discovery for herself,and with time she hopes to develop her writing skills further.

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