Writing Tip: A Sprinkle of Words

Photo 1You finally get the time to read a good book. The story is so exciting and intriguing, you don’t want to stop. But you come upon a sentence that takes your breath away. You read it again and can’t help but think about it for a while. Maybe it reflects something about life you never thought about or digs deep into feelings you never thought you had in your soul. However it makes you feel, those few words will forever alter your life.

I love a powerful quote; especially one that contains a few words but leaves a big impact. We see them on social media every day, on billboards, posters and the products we use. If you run out of ideas to write, find a few quotes to use as inspiration. Study them and see why they leave an impression. They don’t have to be from poets and authors; many memorable quotes come from other sources.

You don’t have to be into politics to enjoy a few good quotes from a president or public official. Look up speeches and letters from figures like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. Their words have encouraged many as they stood up for freedom when no one else would. Put yourself in their shoes during those times, and contemplate how you would reach out to an audience on the brink of a revolution.

MLK quote

If spirituality keeps you going, use a pastor’s teaching or a wise philosopher to invigorate your thoughts. The Chinese have looked to the words of Confucius for virtue. Mahatma Gandhi inspired his people in India to fight for freedom and civil rights. Mother Teresa gave up everything to be a missionary for the poor. These influential figures have left wise words imprinted in the hearts and minds of many. How could you do the same?

If you watch movies, you have an entire script to motivate you. You can disagree with something a character says and write a rebuttal. You could take a popular line of dialogue from a cult hit, and reword it into something even more powerful. Be the screenwriter for a moment and write it better if you think you can.

Oblivion Quote

It is amazing what just a few words can do. So many memorable quotes have influenced lives and left positive impressions upon the world. You don’t always need colorful images or a descriptive story to make an impact. Sometimes all it takes is a sprinkle of words from the heart to make a change.

Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia – a poetry collection about the struggles we face, the state of the world and how to see beauty in the simplest things, and Cardboard Signs – poems to bring awareness about homelessness, mental illness, self-esteem and the injustices many face.

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Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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