And Then Love Came – Author Damon E. Johnson

I used to be so uncaring
a bit naïve if nothing else
played games with many hearts
thought of no one but myself

It seemed like everyone had someone
they said seek and I too would find
but love was such a distant thought
no doubt the furthest thing from my mind

Then I met someone special
who ignited my heart’s flame
I opened up to life’s possibilities
and indeed that’s when love came

© Damon E. Johnson

Excerpt from the book “Forbidden Fruit”

Damon Forbidden Fruit

DJ-2Damon E. Johnson

Damon E. Johnson is an accomplished freelance writer and poet currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He has two prior poetry books to his credit. Cited for its raw feelings and expressions of love, Rhythm in My Blues, Damon’s debut collection, was a stellar introduction to the poetry world. He continued to excite his readers with his follow up collection: The Vineyard: Exploding Grapes, which blasted onto the scene with raw passion and sensuality. Both works solidified Damon as a force in the literary world of poetry.

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