Supermarket Sweet – Steve Lay

Supermarket swoon it happened so soon,
Wear the flowers bloom in the month of June,
Shopping there for years I didn’t know,
It is the same place you would always go,
I had a lot to get I needed plenty,
We are both young late twenties,
Odds and sods bits and bobs turn into much more,
This is true with this for sure,
I hadn’t seen you in such a long time,
You had almost slipped out of my mind,
You grabbed some fruit Apples and pears,
You just stopped to try and fix your hair,
I just came out of the aisle buying razors and shaving cream,
Had a bit of stubble that was enough for me.
Like a scene from a movie screen suddenly our eyes met,
Your eyes they sparkle with the blue I was truck by you,
Your gaze I stood there amazed trying not to stare,
As you looked and stared into mine,
I opened my mouth and said Hi,
“How are you” ? “How do you do”,
Strike up a conversation with you,
Tried to think of a witty line,
You spoke first and said “hi my name is”,
It then went from there,
Walked around did our shopping together,
Found out her name was Heather,
Things felt so natural and she felt the same,
At first a little bit of chit chat,
A bit of this then a bit of that,
I liked to cook and so did she,
We swapped tips of recipe’s,
Got to the check out and I took a chance,
Asked you for a drink and to a wine and dance,
Can I have your number, how about tonight,
She said yes that is fine,
Pick me up at 7 outside mine,
We exchanged numbers then out of nowhere a light kiss on the lips,
Lent over the baskets it felt like bliss,
Walked away flip flops slapped your feet,
The day I found my supermarket sweet.

© Steve Lay


Authors Bio – Steve Lay Is a 34 Year old who started writing by accident through Drama Classes over ten years ago in Totnes. He wrote on and off for ten years however never pursued. One day having a sort out came across some old writings and was going to throw them away, when suddenly he briefly thought Are these any good? He then decided to send them to his local radio show who had a poetry show to get some feedback. He was totally shocked when they came through and said do you fancy going on the show to read them out. Writing is an amazing way to express what you might not otherwise express in  day to day life, I was never a fan of conventional poetry however have come to appreciate the power of the written word.

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