The Bull & The Moon – Author Sue Lobo

© Copyright 2009 Corbis Corporation


The sun laughed over the arena,
The matador perspired sequins,
The bull wept blood upon the sand.
The moon turned; So did fate, NOW;
The sun perspired sequins behind the cloud,
The matador wept tears of blood upon the sand,
The bull laughed over the arena.
The bull thanked the moon.
The moon smiled.

© Sue Lobo

Excerpt from the book “Wild Whisperings”

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100% of all proceeds from Wild Whisperings are being donated to The Save The Rhino Fund.

Photo Credit: © Johan Willner/Etsa/Corbis

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  1. Certainly not saving rhino´s in Spain, or Bulls. This is our tradition, and they socialist government already tried to banned them, eventually there was pretty much a social revolt. We love our bullfights, we are Spanish, we are…. The Spartans!!!


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