Inhuman – Author Donna J. Sanders

I hope you enjoy
that fifteen hundred dollar suit
tailored for your skin
that expensive caviar
slithering down your throat
and that private jet
flying you to exotic places
all over the world
while children down your very street
run barefoot and starving
with holes in their clothes
so big you can see into their dying souls
and then you ridicule
the few empathic entities
for extending a hand
their pockets even slightly bare
but they still take the time to care
a concept I just can’t fathom
and I fail to understand
at what point in time
did some of us forget to be human

© Donna J. Sanders

Excerpt from the book “Cardboard Signs”

Cardboard Signs


Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia – a poetry collection about the struggles we face, the state of the world and how to see beauty in the simplest things, and Cardboard Signs – poems to bring awareness about homelessness, mental illness, self-esteem and the injustices many face.


Visit Donna’s Author Page At:

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