Dare to Dream – Author Adam Levon Brown

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Dreams do not always come to those who sleep
but sleep will always come to those who dream
So dream big and let your voice be heard
Let it echo through the ages and never waver
Be true to your convictions and you will rise
above giants.

Be adamant in your morals and
you will soar as high as the eagle.
Appreciate success, and learn to appreciate failure.
For it is through failure;
that we learn our most important lessons.

Laugh easily, cry easier.
For it is through crying that we learn to shed
our sadness and truly move on.

Learn compassion.
For it is how we learn to fully love ourselves.
Learn to love.
For love is the greatest gift you can both give and receive

Talk easily, listen easier.
For listening is how we understand people and gain new perspectives

Dream big… and the world will be at your feet.

© Adam Levon Brown

Adam Brown book

Excerpt from the book “Musings of a Madman”

Adam Brown

Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is a Poet, Author and Blogger residing in Eugene, Oregon. He grew up in a poor neighborhood living in a small apartment with the best parents imaginable. He suffers from Schizoaffective disorder and Identifies as Queer. He writes on many topics including socially/globally conscious lyrics, personal recovery poems, and the subject of philosophy.

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  1. Awesome poetry, right on time perfect for my thoughts right now.

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