Writer Highlight: David Hall

Abandoned House in Field

25 Oct 2004 — Abandoned House in Field — Image by © Kelly Redinger/Design Pics/Corbis

More Than a Memory

The barren boards now devoid of white paint
Even the natural color is faint
In a harder time this school filled a need
Hunger to learn was planted like a seed
In the fertile minds of young farmer kids
When the golden sun opened her eyelids
They had already worked and walked to school
Woolen homemade clothes would never be cool
Now there she sits a windswept derelict
Lonesome memories dance a haunted frolic
Visitors may see the dried out boards cry
Tears for playmates who long since said goodbye
When incessant prairie winds fail to blow
Yet inside a breeze cools, then you will know
Joy has long since departed from this place
Stand a moment feel their soul feel their grace
Oh my heart yearns if these old walls could talk
To write on these floors with a piece of chalk
Tell me the stories of the kids at play
Before life forced them to grow up and move away
If these walls could talk, their whisper I’d hear
Would I listen openly with no fear?
Listen to the voices hid in the wall
The pure wisdom in the inner child’s call
Would I truly listen, would I truly feel?
Would I let chaos my moment to steal?
I invite you to take a long slow walk
To the schoolhouse and hear these old walls talk

© D.B. Hall 3/12/16

Response to our Inspiration Call on March 12, 2016


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