Eazy E – Isiah Williams


Memorial Eazy-E by Street Artist LJvanT



A strong voice of his time

But it wasn’t just his motivating rhymes

It was the fight against cops and their crimes

He helped with the case of Rodney King

But of course the judge just gave it a swing

So the case was lost

But Eazy didn’t get so soft

His lyrics about blacks being discriminated continue

But a beat and rhythm wouldn’t solve the issue

It wasn’t until after the death of Eazy-E people started to change

It took the death of a man to see it was time for a new age

So look into his lyrics and then you’ll see

God bless the memory of Eazy-E

©Isiah Williams


842911_137602813072097_1690605913_oAbout the Author

Isiah Williams was diagnosed with Asperger’s, a form of Autism at the age of 7. Through his different views of life and the world around him he found he had great talents in the “Arts”. He can here a song once and remember the lyrics. He sings opera, Top 40, can rap and beat box. He loves to draw and has a talent for writing great stories. The poem he has written here about Eazy-E was an 8th grade assignment for black history month. His teacher asked the students to write a poem about an African American who changed history. Most students picked the familiar African American Icons such as Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, but Isiah the “out of the box thinker” announced I am going to write about Eazy E. At first his teacher told him No, Eazy E did not change history. Isiah said “I beg to differ, and I will show you.” Much to his teachers surprise Isiah was able to capture how the music and lyrics of Eazy-E  made an impact on the world, and Eazy-E did in fact lay down roots in the music industry that changed the history of music and highlighted the problems of discrimination against blacks.

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2 replies

  1. Wonderful, heartfelt poem. I wasn’t a fan of Eazy-E but I am now having read this.


    • Thank you Adam, Eazy is not easy on the ears. His lyrics were filled with profanity and even desecrated woman. But, I am proud that my son was able to dissect his lyrics and find understanding in the message Eazy was sending when he wrote and recorded songs about the discrimination’s blacks were facing in the streets.


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